Mary Windmuller Book reviews by yours truly!

Published: Tue, Dec 18th 2012, 14:27 No time to read

From the past months I haven't had the time to read fiction books as I would like to (I'm still stuck on the third book of Game of Thrones). Instead I've been reading stuff related to University and my studies. Yes! I'm studying right now. The reason for something like this can be summarized in the following: My other bachelor degree never got me a decent paying job or a job that I liked and where I live people don't care about my degree anyways, so what to do? Study something else instead. Follow your heart and your dreams they say.

Currently I'm finishing my first semester of engineering. It's kind of weird because classmates are almost ten years younger than me (makes me laugh). And the funniest thing is that with my 26 years old my team members for a project thought I was 18 or 19. Let's see if mother nature would bless me making me look young when I graduate and I'm 30.


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