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L.A. Weatherly's Angel

My Evaluation of Angel
Did the plot make sense?
Kept me interested?
What about the characters?
It had a good ending?
Overall Rating

This book could have get my five star rate, it could have been my favourite for real. I was enjoying this story so much and then….

Tyra Banks: We were all rooting for you.

Everything started so good but it went down the drain around the page three hundred something.

I liked the book overall, I was entertained the whole time I read (except close to the end). The story follows the adventures of an half-angel and a angel's assassin in a world where angels are predators to the human race. The idea of angels protecting humankind is twisted in this version where angels are the bad guys coming to Earth to cause destruction.

Willow is the main protagonist she is the average not so average heroin that is weird and different, we all know that how much uniques are the female protagonists of the YA literature. Note that she is okay, she is not insufferable or annoying. On the other hand we have the mysterious Alex, an assassin of angels, with a dark past trained to kill since he was a kid. He is the tortured hero wearing the leather jacket and hot muscles. Our protagonists meet when Alex is assigned to kill Willow, but after digging more into his assignment Alex realizes that Willow is a half-angel but not evil like the angels. The story is intriguing and fast-paced that kept you wondering what's going to happen next to her. Our protagonists go on a road-trip to save their lives and find answers. They are followed and chased by the Church of Angels, the evil organization of the story that includes acolytes that are preaching the peace of the angels, while they drive a pick-up and have a rifle ready to kill the Church's enemies if necessary.

The development between Alex and Willow is acceptable and somehow cute. They start as strangers and they become friends and care for each other. They even have feeling for each other (not surprising). But the sour taste in my mouth comes at the end where I don't know what the hell is happening. The romance part was a little bit too much with the whole chapter where they play to the house and that was a big turn off to me, unnecessary. The story was stuck once our characters lacked an objective and purpose.

Once the story returns after the Blue-Lagoon-kind-of chapter, Willow has to risk her life to save the world from more angels coming to Earth and the reaction of Alex is childish and immature. And the end nothing really big happens (well, there's a revelation that reminded me of a very famous space wars saga, but I won't go into details). At that point I felt that I was not really interested anymore and I just wanted to finish the book already to go to sleep.

It was promising, and the writing is not bad but the story felt flat at one point and never recovered from it. I was not very fond of the romance part (even I love romance) and it had room for improvement. I hope the second book is better, because I would like to see the resolution to this story and the invasion of the Angels. And don't get me wrong, the book is not bad but the plot could have been stronger. Either way I will gladly read the second book.

I can see the comparisons between this book and Angelfall by Susan Ee, they are nothing alike (except by the part of the angels invading Earth). Angelfall is a flawless masterpiece of literature.


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