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Claudia Gray's A Thousand Pieces of You

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One of the perks of being out of school for a year is… I can read books. I can read books I enjoy. Honestly, school takes a lot of time and when I had the time I ended up doing something else. But no more, I celebrated finishing my third year by going back to one of my beloved hobbies.

I bought A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray some time ago when the book was published. I have read the Evernight series, started the Spellcaster series and read the Fateful novel. I have enjoyed the different stories by Claudia Gray and A Thousand Pieces of You was not an exception.

The protagonist is Marguerite (Meg) Caine, daughter of two genius scientists in California. Meg’s parents have been working alongside 2 grad students called Theo Beck and Paul Markov in a device called the Firebird which allows people to travel between parallel universes . One night Meg’s dad is killed, The Firebird disappears and the research data is destroyed; the evidence points out to one suspect: Paul, who has has vanished to another dimension.

Theo and Meg go after Paul in order to confront him and make him pay for his betrayal. The story follows Meg’s adventures travelling to different parallel universes and all the surprises along the way. She eventually finds Paul but nothing is as it seems.

I loved every single minute of the reading as Gray adds background details, important anecdotes and clues for the plot yet managing to not be confusing with time linearity. The different universes were thrilling and the whole subject left me wondering about my other selves in other universes. Thinking about parallel universes can be overwhelming. If there are infinite universes out there I’m wondering what my other selves are doing.

I loved the development, the surprises along the road and the ending. The ending is really good. Clean and cut, no cliffhangers or plot holes. This book is part of a series but it could stand on its own. The universe is well explained and developed. The characters feel real. Although after taking five courses in physics I find hard to see a graduate student in physics that could be as hot as Paul. If he was an Oceanographer or an Engineer I could see it.

I also like the fact that unlike other heroines I have read before the most important thing for Meg is her family. She has a family and her family is present. They are portrayed with an active role in Meg’s life, not the usual absent role that family (and parents) usually get in the Young Adult genre. Meg is a talented artist and she is your average girl with the gift of painting the truth. I loved the concept this book explored of different universes that contained a variation of the same person in each one but at the same time that person having the same essence. I wonder if there is another universe out there in where I decided to be a full-time writer and not a software developer. Praying for my other unfortunate self in another universe that never moved to Canada.

Thanks Claudia Gray for this awesome story. I’m happy it took me some time to get to it as the wait for the next book won’t be that long. This book deserves five stars.

PS. Random thought, I can see Wyatt Conley looking like Mark Zuckerberg.


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